Winter is here. You might think that this means a vacation from all the activities that include lawn maintaining, but if you take a great deal of pride as I do in my yard, you would know that taking care of your lawn and yard is not a one or two season activity. Here in the north-east Illinois, winter can be pretty harsh as we all know it. This could have a devastating effect on your lawn. If you don’t take the required measurements, it will be almost impossible to get the summer lawn you wanted. That’s why we are providing 5 tips to keep your lawn alive during winter and persevere its fully beauty.

Add mulch before the cold hits hard

Make sure you add a thin layer of mulch right before the weather gets too cold. This will protect your grass from snow, frost and inclement weather. Also, it prevents the deeper layers of your soil from freezing so that it will be much easier for your grass to return in the spring.

Rest the lawn

When the snow covers the lawn, walking on it can cause damage because the grass plants are not actively growing which makes it hard to repair themselves if damaged. You can direct all the foot traffic through a clean path that goes around the lawn. Be careful, don’t park a vehicle on the lawn in winter, it can do some serious damage.

Don’t cut your grass too short

This means you have to stop mowing your lawn after the first frost, because if you do, you will be left with a short grass that is exposed to dryness and evaporation and can cause issues with bacteria later on.

Keep the lawn clean

Leaving fallen leaves or branches on the grass for too long can seriously stunt your grass and cause a lot of damage. This can be easily prevented with a garden rake or brush by sweeping the fallen leaves.

Watch out for salt

Snow full of salt can undo all the work you have put in your lawn all year. Be careful not to use salt onto your grass or if you have to, try using as minimal salt as you can.

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