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In addition to our regular lawn maintenance, landscape services and customized solutions, we also pride ourselves on our winter services. During the cold winter months, many believe that their landscapes do not require as much attention as in any other season and they neglect them. However, that’s exactly the season when your landscape needs your care the most, as low temperatures tend to be pretty rough on your landscape. If you want to stay warm and cozy under your blanket, drinking tea and watching TV while your landscape is well taken care of, let Sunset Landscaping get the job done for you.

No matter how difficult or time consuming your landscaping task is, we have the equipment and the experience to tackle even the most demanding winter landscaping chores. We’re specialized in snowplowing and salting and we can help you maintain a beautiful yard during the most demanding season of the year. But that’s not all. We can also help you have the most beautiful and the shiniest holiday-themed landscape in your town by setting up Christmas lights and various decorations. When Christmas is over, we’ll be glad to dismantle them and keep them safe and sound for the next season.

When snow starts building up on your landscape this year, you can count on us for a quick and efficient snow removal and holiday decoration services regardless of your landscape size.

Here are the winter services we provide:

During winter, snow is one of the greatest obstacles that prevent you from maintaining a healthy and visually appealing landscape. No matter how good you are with a shovel, snowplowing is not a job you can handle all by yourself, especially when there are low-priced snowplowing services. At Sunset Landscaping, we take snow seriously and we believe that it needs to be removed from your beautiful landscape as soon as possible. Nothing should ever cover your year-long work of art, right? Having the right equipment and experienced staff allows us to take off that white blanket of your commercial or residential property in no time. Preventive and timely action is the key to keeping your landscape at its finest during winter conditions, which is why you shouldn’t take a chance with the burden of snow removal and hire professional landscaping assistance instead. Let us take your winter worries during extreme conditions.
As much as we love to design your landscape, mow your lawn and keep all things in your yard neat, we also know the importance of salting in the winter. Our team of skilled, experienced and, most importantly, dedicated professionals are just a call away from getting in your yard and get the job done. We can keep you free of all the hustle and bustle during the cold winter months and make sure the snow won’t turn into ice by adding salt all over your landscape. We understand that you need your driveway clean of snow so you can get out of your parking spot safely and start the day on the right foot. If you too believe that safety comes first, don’t think twice to let us to get the job done.
Christmas cookies, Christmas tree, Christmas carols and presents help to make the season bright, but Christmas will never be as bright as it’s supposed to without holiday lights and decorations. Unfortunately, those holiday lights won’t put themselves up. Unless you like balancing on a rooftop after cleaning up snow for hours, neither will you put them up. We, at Sunset Landscaping, would be thrilled to do all the holiday decorations for you! Whether commercial or residential decorating, small or large landscape, our team of professionals will give their 100% to make the season bright and keep things safe. First we will evaluate your property. Then we will hear out your desires and expectations. Then, we will provide suggestions that will turn your ideas into an ideal Christmas decorating plan to highlight your best features of your landscape. We have a plenty of unique and creative holiday lighting settings we’ve already used, but we are always up for customized solutions. So let’s create magic!
Waving holiday lights and decorations goodbye leaves a sad kind of emptiness behind, but we won’t let you deal with it all by yourself. As soon as the holiday season is over and you decide it’s time to take down the holiday lights and other shiny decorations, we can come back, take them down and make sure your property is just as it was before we decorated it. If you wish to have the same items on your property next year again, we can mark them and keep them for you. We pay as much attention to dismantling as to installation. Whether you want to take them down on 6th of January or keep them until the end of the month, that’s none of our business – we will do the job whenever you want to.

Key Benefits of the Service

No matter how difficult or time consuming your landscaping task is, we have the equipment and the experience to tackle even the most demanding winter landscaping chores.