Naperville Landscaping Services

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Sunset Landscaping provides complete landscape maintenance, will keep you up to date on the condition of your landscape. We will monitor the health of your landscape, as well as offer you ideas on how to enhance your overall
landscape for the long term. No need to hire several contractors, Sunset Landscaping takes care of all your landscape maintenance needs. We service residential, commercial, and multi-family properties.

Lawn aeration provides many benefits to your lawn and its root system, thus enhancing the overall beauty of your lawn. Aerating your lawn involves perforating holes in your soil to allow more air and water circulation around your lawn’s root system.

Key Benefits of the Service

All lawns should be aerated every year to promote a dense green lawn and prevent soil compaction. To see if your lawn is due for lawn aeration, let the Sunset Landscaping experts give you a free lawn analysis.An analysis from Sunset Landscaping will tell you about the general health of your lawn and whether your lawn could benefit from lawn aeration or other services like detaching and overseeding.