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In addition to our diverse landscaping services we provide, we at Sunset Landscaping also pride ourselves on brick services. Backed up with many years of experience in landscaping and having staff with extensive knowledge in the construction industry allows us to offer reliable brick services at competitive prices. However, the term “brick services” covers a whole lot of services including ones we do not provide, so to avoid misleading, these are the services we do provide:

  • Brick Paver Repair: Nothing lasts forever and that surely includes your brick paver. Over time, your beautiful brick pavers will lose most of their charm and the surface may become uneven, which can be both ugly and unsafe. Luckily, we can help you fixing the pavers for you and spare you some bad-breaking, nerve-wrecking landscaping hours. We can make sure that your brick pavers are right where you want them and so prolong their lifetime.
  • Power Washing: The mortar joints between bricks can wear over time, while the bricks may collect a lot of dirt and grease that simply cannot be swept. When that happens, you can call us and we at Sunset Landscaping will be in your yard in a matter of hours to power-wash the bricks and bring back your garden’s glow. Our power washing services are suitable for all types of bricks and bricks installations.
  • Sealer Installation: Gaps and spaces are quite common in bricks installations, unless they’re protected with bricks sealer products. Whether you want to waterproof brick elements in your landscape or prevent bricks dusting, our sealer installation services are just the right solution for you. We use products of highest quality in order to ensure you’re getting value for your money. Regular sealing may even eliminate the need to ever replace your bricks or brick elements.
  • Pergolas and Lattice Installation: If you want to upgrade your landscape with a quality, modern and classy pergola that meets your overall landscape design, we hear you. Regardless of your requirements and expectations, our highly skilled staff can craft the perfect pergola and lattice for you. Weather-resistant and durable, this cost-efficient solution will add value to your home.

Brick Patios and Walls: Brick patios and walls can define your yard like a cup of coffee defines Monday morning. Building brick patios and walls requires equal amounts of art and engineering. Whether you’re looking for a simple brick patio to create an outdoor space where you’ll be hanging out or brick walls to boost the visual appearance of your yard, as well as to beautifully separate different groups of flowers, we have the expertise and the dedication to do it in a way most satisfying.