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No matter how well designed your landscape is and how great all the elements are placed, your landscape is not flawless until you find those places in your yard where dirt and debris like to hide and get rid of them. Before you take a snap and post it online, make sure there’s no debris sneaking somewhere in the picture. DIY landscapers love posting photos of their work of art in their yards, but they often overlook those tiny little dirty places and leave an impression of amateurs. We can help you make sure there’s no pixel of dirt on your landscape photos and help you reveal your true landscape colors.

Here is a list of the auxiliary services we provide:

Gutter cleaning is one of those chores one can easily forget about and even if you haven’t forgotten, getting up on your roof to clean out the gutters all by yourself can be dangerous. However, there is no excuse for not hiring affordable gutter cleaning assistance. We won’t let you neglect your gutters, which is why we offer gutter cleaning services for both residential and commercial landscapes. Gutters are used to get rain, snow and stormwater off your roof. While you’re trying to save a few bucks by not cleaning your gutters, if they’re not functioning properly, water could enter your basement and cause serious and expensive property damage.That being said, gutter cleaning is one of the most important maintenance services we offer for your property. We can take care of all the leaves, dirt and other debris on both the inside and the outside of your gutters and keep them in top shape so they can function perfectly and prevent water damage. As with every other service we provide, we take gutter cleaning very seriously. The experience, the expertise, equipment, the drive – we have it all!
Whether you have clogged gutters, muddy driveway or dirty roof, power washing is the ultimate solution. Sunset Landscaping can take care of this kind of issues and help you keep your landscape and your house clean. Our experienced and fully-trained professionals make landscape maintenance easy and we can prove it. We are ready and willing to start working on your landscape, your house, concrete walls, fountain, driveway or anything else you need clean. Power washing does not only make your landscape visually appealing, but also reduces wear and tear by getting rid of mold, insects, algae, chalk, weeds, leaves, debris and other. Although these issues may seem small now, over time, these build-ups can cause damage to your property. Therefore, you should not take your chances and let us do the job while it’s not too late.
Your kids will not be 10 forever, which means at some point, you will need to dismantle their playset and store it safely for your grand-kids. However, taking down a kids’ playset is more difficult than you can imagine. A few basic tools, a day off, a truck and a couple of helping hands? We don’t think so. You may think that it is less challenging than assembling it, but that’s simply not true. Whether you’re moving or buying a new playset, we can help you with the burden of this tedious and demanding task. When it comes to dismantling, our team is able to quickly find a solution for the safest dismantling possible for every playset. After we’re done, you can check it yourself, but we guarantee you, there won’t be a single scratch on any part of your playset.
If you still haven’t installed fence posts or they’re in a desperate need of a makeover, we provide all sorts of fence posting and staining services to best meet your landscape needs. Your fence is an important part of your landscape not only because it provides security, but, if properly installed, it can also improve its appearance. Setting fence posts is just the beginning. Regular staining and other maintenance care tips can keep your fence strong and beautiful for many years. We build each fence by your landscape’s specifications and we provide a variety of options. Metal or wood, cedar or pine, side by side or board on board, we will meet your specific requirements. Also, we also provide fence staining services and we can turn your old, tired fence into the most attractive feature in your landscape. We promise simple yet flawless experience and ultimate satisfaction.

Key Benefits of the Service

Through innovative services and customized landscape planning and solutions, we are committed to a continuous increase of the services we provide and absolute customer satisfaction. For over 10 years, Sunset Landscaping has helped many clients keep their landscapes healthy, beautiful and clean via all sorts of auxiliary services, regardless of whether commercial or residential properties.