There are several studies that show the negative health effects from using a lawnmower. Among those are: air pollution, breathing problems, exposure to alarming amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, extended exposure and close proximity to the noise etc.

Having said that, here are some tips on how to reduce them:

  • Buy an electric lawn mower
  • Buy a push reel lawn mower. A push reel mower is described as a grass-cutting tool with no inner power source.
  • Get a reel mower.  That is – a self-pushed, non-motorized one. Silent, no gas fumes, and you’re getting exercise.
  • A fine dust mask can reduce this danger from inhaling into the lungs particles of dust, mold and fungi raised by the lawnmower’s blades
  • Hire a professional to help you with your lawn mowing and landscaping


Of course you can choose to cut your grass infrequently which will definitely cut down the effects of mower. Most people can cut their yards every other week during warmer months rather than weekly. While your yard may be a touch less “beautiful” then your neighbour’s, you’ll reduce the mount of pollutants that you put into the atmosphere (and your lungs) by doing this.