As a homeowner, you’re probably trying really hard to find the best of the best for your landscape: from safety and protective products to flowers, plants and unique decorative items that can make your outdoor space stand out. In addition to all that, you’re probably spending most of your free time in your garden performing all sorts of landscaping tasks. Unfortunately, this kind of dedication to your landscaping can be overwhelming.

Sure it can, but it doesn’t have to. The key to keeping all things neat in your landscape is proper planning. Unless you’re not planning a road trip this weekend, there’s no better time to boost your curb appeal in only a few simple and easy landscaping tasks. Whether you want to sell your place or give it a fresh makeover, you won’t have to invest weeks of labor and huge amounts of money to achieve your goal. We provide you a list of landscape improvements that can add a distinctive first impression without emptying your bank balance and be consuming a lot of effort and time. Here are 5 landscaping tasks to help you improve your garden’s look over a weekend.

Pull Up Dead Plants and Weeds

Plants that failed to grow healthy and beautiful sadly need to go. Not only do they impact the curb appeal of your landscape, but they can also take up a lot of space that you would otherwise use for new, hopefully healthy plants and flowers. Also, those weeds that grew in places most unsuitable need to go too. The small weeds are easy to pull up, but beware of the larger ones, especially if they’re close to good plants. Their roots may be tangled up and if you pull them carelessly, you may damage your good plants severely.

Clean Your Gutter

If there is a task that is most commonly overlooked by all homeowners, cleaning the gutters is definitely the one, besides also getting your home cleaned by a home cleaning service. While it plays an important role to the curb appeal of your landscape, most gutters are in serious need of cleaning and look dirty. When neglected, this small task can create big problems, such as water damage to your roof. Before you get to it, check the weather forecast and check if it’s hot this weekend. Thus, it will be easier for your gutters to dry out.

Pressure Wash Your Walkways

Over time, your walkways may need much thorough cleaning than sweeping. Those tiny particles of dirt can almost become a part of the walkways themselves and the only way to get rid of them is to pressure wash them. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can either hire a professional service provider to take care of it or rent one for a day. Nothing makes a landscape look as dirty and untidy as non-maintained walkways. Pressure wash your driveway, siding and any deck you may have and let cleanliness be the first word to describe your landscape.

Hire Mowing Lawn Service Provider

While you’re busy doing the rest of the landscaping tasks of this list, those worn-out looking areas around your garden need to be taken care of too. According to the statistics, 72% of the American householders do their own yard work all by themselves. However, a growing number also opt out to hire professional mowing lawn service providers to make sure their lawn looks just perfect. Unless you haven’t worked for a landscaping company, you’re lacking the speed and other required skills to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. Moreover, due to the fierce competition, landscaping companies provide their services at prices you will find extremely low. Hiring the right mowing lawn service professional can make you feel relieved, allowing you to make the most of your free time and complete all of the other tasks of this list.

Trim Your Trees

Although it’s not the easiest or simplest task of all, trimming your trees every now and then is essential. Aside from the obvious reason such as the tree’s appearance, for many homeowners, knowing when a tree is in need of trim or if it’s in need of trim at all is difficult-to-impossible. But let’s assume that you do know when to trim your trees and you simply avoid this task, week by week, until too late. We urge you to examine your trees and look if there are any dying or dead branches that are better off cut. Not only do they impact the curb appeal, but they also represent a constant threat for you, your family and your property, as it can break at any time.