It’s a really a hustle struggling to keep a natural grass lawn lush and healthy. But the reality is that without any boundaries or protection measures in place, grass will grow through natural mulch and even through the wood placed in carefully landscaped garden beds.

The question we often ask ourselves is how does grass grow through mulch? The answer is simple – grass seeds, as well as the seeds of other types of weeds, can germinate and grow roots easily in the climate created by the mulch. Mulch, even in layers, is still a permeable material which leaves small spaces (or holes) for grass to grow through.


If you are struggling with trying to stop the grass from growing through the mulch of your home’s landscape here are some tips to try and stop this:

  • Try to set a fabric (maybe even newspaper or cardboard) under the mulch, it will kill off the existing grass absorb rainfall and block out most of the sunlight.
  • If you weed regularly, try to pull out weeds and grasses before they form seeds. That way you will at least cut down on the number of seeds that fall into the mulch.
  • Create trenches around the garden beds to keep grass in your lawn from sending roots into the garden bed.


If keeping grass out of your garden beds has proven a persistent problem for you, even after trying the three hacks we’ve outlined here, we recommend consulting our landscaping professionals. They can fully assess the situation and help you develop the right solution for your yard.